Arizona kundalini practice sets with Jaap Kaur Khalsa in Mesa and Tempe with breathwork, meditation, exercises, yoga sets, private yoga classes and yoga lessons.


Note: (Place hands under lower back for support if needed,or tighten root lock

(anus, sex organs, and navel) during leg lifts.)

Purpose--Strengthens the navel for a strong lower foundation.

Makes you very strong and able to take action.



 1. Lying on your back, raise your right leg up 90 degrees while inhaling, lower it gently to floor while exhaling. Raise your left leg 90 degrees inhaling, lower exhaling.

Continue alternating legs and keep them straight.

(1 min, 3 min, or 5 min)

For: Lower digestion


 2. Lying on your back, raise arms straight up, hands stretch up and tighten arms & hands for power. Inhale while raising both legs up together to 90 degrees.

Exhale while lowering them together. Controlled and gently the feet touch down and go back up.

Continue. (1, 2, or 3 min)

For: Upper digestion


 3. Lying on your back, keep your head on the floor, bring your knees to your chest and wrap your hands around the outside of the knees.

Relax the same length as in exercise #1 (1, 3, 5 min).

For: Gas & heart


 4. Inhale as you open arms straight out to the sides (arms above armpits and back of hands touch floor) while stretching legs out straight and up 60 degrees from the floor.

Exhale while bringing yourself back into position #3.

(3, 5, or 10 min)

For: Charging magnetic field and to open naval center.


 5. Hold left knee to chest to chest with both your hands.

Raise straight right Then switch and hold right knee to chest, raise straight left leg up & down 90 degrees

(inhale up, exhale down) for 1 minute)

For: Setting hips and lower spine.

6. Stand up straight, feet are shoulder width apart, arms are up over your head by ears, palms face up to ceiling.

Bend from the waist. Exhale down toward floor and inhale arms up with palms toward ceiling.

As you move down and up, keep your ears and head between your arms. Relax the hands down as far as they can go on the exhale.

Slow for 2 minutes, rapid 1 minute.

For: Spinal fluid and aura.

7. Relax on back in corpse pose. Arms by your sides, palms up, feet any comfortable distance apart. Let your mind be relaxed and void of busy thoughts.

5 minutes or same length as #1. Relaxation is just as important as the movement.

For: Allows the body to integrate the energy that was created in the movement and to build itself


First taught by Yogi Bhajan in June, 1971